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Heating Panel

The heating panel is the exclusive Thermal Powerä 100% Radiant “Luminous Wall” LPG or optional CNG fueled.

A.Controllability to soften existing asphalt by heating to proper rolling or tamping   temperature.

B.The heating unit is quickly and easily controlled, instant “ON” – instant “OFF”, so firing time can be adjusted to correspond to the environmental condition, the composition of the asphalt being worked on and other variables.The heat supplied corresponds to the needs with the highest possible heating rate.

       The heating panel is operated by a selector switch that allows the operator to run manually or automatically.

       The automatic operation is controlled by a timer consisting of a combination of three (3).The main timer controls the overall length of time the heating panel is to be cycled “ON” and “OFF”.The first stage controls the “ON” time of the first cycle.The second stage controls the first “OFF” cycle after the first “ON” cycle and each “ON” and “OFF” repeat cycle thereafter until the main timers shut off at which time it will signal the operator.Timers are field adjustable to compensate for varying environmental and/or material changes.

C.The “Luminous Wall” heating panel is fueled by LPG/CNG and has a BTU/hr output adjustable from 20,000 to 60,000 BTU per square foot.Configuration is 8’ wide x 6’ long and is divided into four (4) independent electrically controlled zones in any combination of “ON” and “OFF” sequence.Two of the four zones are 3’ x 3’ with the capacity of producing 540,000 BTU each.The two remaining zones are 3’ x 5’ with a capacity of producing 900,000 BTU each, for a combined total of 2,880,000 BTU/hr maximum.

D.The mounting has an overall side shift of 60” right/left, a tilt range of 90 degrees horizontal to vertical and a twist 45 degrees right/left from center and raise/lower 6” in a position horizontal from the pavement.

E. All piping, ducting, fittings and accessories such as gas/air mixers, solenoid valves, limiting orifice valves, blowers, etc., are sized and installed to properly insure the maximum operating efficiency of the “Luminous Wall” system.

Heated Asphalt Storage/Recycling Compartment

The heated asphalt storage compartment is capable of: 

    maintaining new permanent type asphalt loaded form a plant at its normal effective working temperature.
  2. overnight reheating of new permanent type asphalt that has been properly stockpiled.
  4. recycling of good quality reclaimed asphalt, grinding(RAP) or chunks.
Capacity --- 4 cubic yards.
 A double walled construction, eleven (11) gauge steel, with 1” high temperature insulation in all walls and bi-fold loading doors.Outer skin of the walls and doors are made of 20 gauge steel.
 Asphalt delivery system is a 6” diameter heavy duty tempered screw conveyor protected form loading shock by a protection angle with approximately 12" of side clearance.The screw conveyor is mounted with a heavy duty bearing at each end and is driven by a hydraulic motor capable of moving hot mix to the hydraulic screw conveyor extension.

 The screw extension is 6” in diameter and is encased in a trough.The extension delivers the hot mix over the top of the “Luminous Wall” to be discharged behind it.It is driven by another hydraulic motor that is independent of the hopper screw conveyor.The extension conveyor tilts up and down with the tilting of the “Luminous Wall” heating panel.

 The hopper is heated with four (4) infra-red heaters of 15,000 BTU each.The heating chamber has sealed filtered intakes and is thermostatically controlled from 100 degrees F to 350 degrees F 100% safety controlled. The heaters are lit by 12 volt DC spark igniters.All heaters employ the exclusive Thermal Power Ray Guard infra-red filtration system to permit even heating of the asphalt material.


 Hydraulic system is operated by push-button 12 volt DC electric solenoid control valves operating: heating panel, tilt up/down, shift left/right, twist left/right and auger controls mounted on a panel that slides over fixtures mounted on both sides of the vehicle, allowing the operator to choose the safest side to work from.

The heating panel controls and timer are powered by 12 volt DC with safety interlocked design.They have four (4) individual “ON” – “OFF” switches and indicator lights for each zone, with a push button master star and stop switch.The control panel is equipped with indicator lights as follows: 4 zone lights AMBER, power on RED, air pressure GREEN, safety light GREEN, timer lights manual mode RED, automatic mode GREEN.

Hydraulic System

The hydraulic system is a flow-through system with an operating pressure of 2100 psi, having a reservoir capacity of 18 gallons.

Safety Switches For Heating Panel

Along with the push-button master switch that is mounted on the control panel, an additional safety switch is mounted on each side of the unit.

Power Plant

The engine to power the air blower is a 20 HP, 2-cylinder at 3,600 RPM electric start, 12 volt DC, 15 amp alternator system powered by LPG

Fuel Tank

124 gallon LPG equipped for liquid and vapor withdrawal.


Commercial 40 gph


Constructed of electric arc welded heavy duty channel iron.Sub-frame rail and heavy duty cross rails trimmed on each side and around the hopper with formed metal.The platform between the hopper and cab is constructed of diamond plate.Metal skirting is installed across the rear and extended around the sides, ending approximately 6” ahead of the rear wheels.It extends downward to approximately 12” to 14” from the ground.Across the rear, a flexible steel heat shield is attached, dropping down to within 2” to 4” from the ground.


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