Thermal Master

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Model TM500-H-TRK

The Thermal Master Asphalt Recycler-Maintainer with its 100% propane thermostatically controlled heated insulated asphalt storage compartment has proven itself to be the only unit of its kind today that will permit the reheating of new asphalt stock-piled reclaim used asphalt or just keep hot asphalt at a good working temperature (year round).

With the touch of a button the hydraulic auger system will deliver the asphalt to the shoveling pan or directly into the repair.  All the hydraulic operations are operated at the rear either over hydraulic pushbutton.

The engine RPM is also controlled at the rear or by our optional electric remote control.

The Thermal Master has combines all the necessary tools, material and equipment to make the most efficient "all season" asphalt repair vehicle of its kind.


Hopper: Minimum 5 cubic yard capacity of a V-type design with double wall construction, minimum 1" high temperature insulation in all walls, a bolt on convertible shoveling pan 3 square feet, or a 3 ft swiveling shoot and a form fitting insulated tarp with tiedown straps.

Heaters: Slide mounted for easy inspection and removal.  Six (6) infra-red asphalt box heaters, 15,000 BTU, each thermostatically controlled from 100 deg to 350 deg F.  All heaters shall employ Thermal Power Ray-Guard infra-red filtration system.  All heaters have 100% safety controls.  Pilots are lit by 12 volt electric spark igniters.

Delivery Auger: 6" heavy duty tapered.  Protected from loading shock by a protection angle with approximately 8-12 inches of side clearance.  Auger end cap use while heating material.  Auger is mounted with heavy duty bearing at both ends and is driven by a hydraulic motor capable of moving hot mix asphalt to the shoveling pan or directly to the repair area.  The auger controls are operated from the rear by a remote lever.

Hydraulic System: 12 gpm at 2000 rpm, 2000 psi, 30 gallon oil capacity pressure gauge and filter.  All hoses are a minimum of 8000 psi burst pressure with crimp type fittings, and quick coupler connections at the rear.

Deck: Treadplate steel, width of the frame and approximately 24 inches from hopper to tool compartment, with step on right side.

Propane Tank: One (1) 100 lb removable tank with hinged brackets, regulator and valve.

Tool Compartment: 20" x 95" x 8" deep mounted between the steel treadplate deck and cab.

Throttle Control: Remote located at rear of unit with adjustable lock.

Hydraulic Control: Remote located at rear of unit via lever operating a spool type variable flow valve.

Lighting: Tail, running, stop, turn and hazard.

Dimension: Hopper length 88", width 96", height 53".  Overall mounted length 192", width 96", height 98".

Option Specification

Steel Hopper Doors: Dual manually operated double walled steel doors with 1" high temperature insulation.  Open for form loading chute.

Hydraulic Doors: Dual hydraulically operated double walled steel doors with 1" high temperature insulation.

Hydraulic Hose w/Rack: 25' of dual single wire 1/2" hydraulic hose.  Minimum burst pressure 8000 psi.  Include rack on right side of hopper to hang hose.

Hydraulic Hose Reel: Spring loaded retractable reel with hoses accessible at the rear.

Hydraulic Accessory Tools: Multiple brands and sizes available.

Rear Working Platform: Electrically welded steel construction for holding hydraulic tampers and compactor or miscellaneous tools.

Compactor / Roller Crane: 1000# capacity mounted either rear or side unit.

Tail Compactor / Roller Lift: 1000# capacity mounted at left rear.  14" vertical lift, 22" x 28" platform.

Roller Crane: Auto Crane model 2403 PR with power rotation, boom elevation, and hoist.  Capacity 2400# with 42" of bed.

Hydraulic Spoil Bin: 1 cubic yard mounted on right side of unit.

Manual Spoil Bin: 5/8 cubic yard mounted on either side of unit or both.

Wheel Wells: Metak skirting around rear wheels with a 1/2" metal flair around wheel wells.

Tool Box: Metal between cab and rear wheel with full locking door.

Emulsion Tank: 65 gallon self priming reversible pump, 10 gpm at 100 psi.  Spraying wand with 12' of 1/2" hose, connectors and valving. (include diesel tank and accessories)

Emulsion Tank Heating System: Infra-red heated and thermostatically controlled.

Diesel Tank: 20 gallon capacity including electric pump, 15' of 3/8" hose and spray wand.

Cab Protector: Electrically arced construction, minimum width and height of cab to be protected.  Framework is constructed of 1" square tubing with expanded metal inside the frame for vision from the cab.

Trailer Hitch: Pintle, 18 ton with an adjustable height from 16" to 24" from the ground.

Hand Torch: Propane, 200,000 BTU with shut-off valve and 10' of hose.  Torch is located at rear of truck with all necessary mounting brackets to allow torch to remain at the rear of the truck while in transport.

Electric Throttle: Automatic electric throttle increases or decreases engine RPM automatically on demand.

Electric Pushbutton Controls: All operations are pushbutton at the rear of the vehicle with electric solenoid operating valving at 2000 psi relief valve.

Arrow Board: Dietz #7-88000 Lane Changer or equal.

Propane Conversion for Truck: In accordance to the standard practices in the industry for such conversion over a gasoline powered engine.

PTO: Chelsea or Spicer matched to transmission.

Propane Saddle Tank: 58 gallon mounted under body on left side.

Strobe Light: Lear-Siegler model 6850 12 volt DC or equal.

Road Sander: Capacity 6.5 cubic feet, power 25 amp 12 volt DC motor adjustable from 0-1300 rpm.

Color: Prices vary in accordance to specifications.

Thermal Power Anti-stick Coating: hopper inner walls, spoil bin, shoveling pan, or shoot.

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