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We are proud to introduce yet another revolutionary addition to its world proven fleet of Road Savers, the HEAT MASTER Surface Heater.

The use of HEAT MASTER can only be limited  by the users imagination.  To mention a few:

For the Paving Contractor:Increase your paving days as much as 25% by limiting the days lost from rain or temperatures.

For the Pavement Fabric Contractor:Increase your production days in the same manner as the Paving Contractor.¡¡

For the Hot Surface Recycling Contractor: Use Heat Master as a pre-heater, and Increase the production by as much as 25% and get the      depth that the engineers are looking for a good quality job.

For the Cold Grinding Contractor: Increase production, in some cases as much as 100%, and triple the teeth wear.  Heat the milled asphalt surface to be rolled for a smooth finish.

For the Bridge Contractor: Remove the asphalt off bridge decks and other areas that restrict the use of cold grinders due to the vibration.

Removing Asphalt: Remove asphalt off cobblestone, brick, or concrete streets.

Slippery Pavement: Heat and soften pavement to install chips for more skid resistance.  Heat to remove excess asphalt in some mixes to limit rolling, etc.

Snow and Ice Control: Heat Master melt the ice and snow on airports, expressways, bridge decks, etc.

The Heat Master, with the exclusive Thermal Power 100% Luminous Radiant Heating Panel, instantly spreads over 6 million BTU in a 66 square ft area, to give you the finest heating system in the world.  The heating panel is divided into four (4) zones.  Attached to the heating panel is an insulated Soaking Pan that helps keep the heat down on the heated surface.


Heat Master has all of the controls next to the driver so they can be easily operated by one (1) person.



Heat Master conveniently folds up to legal dimensions for safe travel.

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