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The Road Master Hot In-Place Asphalt Surface Recycler is designed and engineered to recycle the asphalt surface by radiant heating, scarifying, adding the rejuvenating agent, mixing, redistributing the scarified asphalt and leveling to be rolled by other equipment.

The Following are the specifications of our newest design. Thermal Power Corporation is dedicated to continuing to be #1 in road saving equipment. In doing so, we reserve the right to change the design, material, and/or specifications without notice.

Primary Mover

The cab and chassis normally used on this model will be as follows:

Freightliner Model FL 70 or equivalent. Fifth wheel located at centerline, cab 106" BBC-air horn, Air conditioning, Anti lock braking system, full air, wheelbase 150", two 45-gallon fuel tanks. Tires 11R - 22.5 x 8.25 - 16 ply. Front axle 10,000#, rear axle 21,000#, two speed. Engine, Caterpillar or equivalent, 275 HP @ 2200 RPM. Transmission, Fuller RT8700B 9 speed with auxilary transmission Fuller Model # T955 240-12 speed. Travel speed 5-ft / min. to 70 MPH.
Trailer and Frame
All electric arc welded heavy duty channel iron frame rails and heavy duty cross rails.  The trailer is structured and designed to sufficiently hold the rejuvenating tank, propane tank, scarifier mounts, screed mounts, lumious wall mounts, insulated soaking pan mounts and all other necessary equipment.  All piping, ducting, fittings, and accessories such as gas/air mixers, solenoid valves, limiting orifice valves, blowers, engines, hydraulic cylinders, fittings, etc. are sized and installed to properly insure the maximum operating efficiency.  The trailer axle is a full steering 34,000 pound capacity.
Full air, all wheels.

41'6" overall - 5th wheel design, rear trailer/tandem steering axles for square corner turns.


Steering, speed, scarifiers, augers, rejuvenating agent, heating system and hydraulic functions are push button operated from two stations.  One station is outside the cab mounted in a panel  on top of the trailer.  The second station is at the rear of the unit operated from standing position on the screed walkway.  There are 4 each Heating System and Mobil Power Plant  emergency stop buttons for instant shut down positioned around the unit.

Heating Panels

2 Thermal Power 100% Radiant Luminous Walls, measuring 4' x 13' and 3' x 13'. These panels can be turned on in intervals from 2', 3', 5', 8 1/2',  through 13'.  The walls are spaced for maximum efficiency.  Panels are hinged to fold to 8'6' and are hydraulically operated.  The combined walls produce 7,200,000 BTU's Thermal Power Luminous Wall panels produce a maximum of 100,000 BTU's per square foot completely controllable high intensity radiant (heat) energy and are instant "on" - instant "off" for rapid heat up and cool down. The panels are a forced air premix design for maximum efficiency and minimum pollution. Being true radiant heat limiting the impingement of the asphalt surface being recycled, the surrounding objects, and a cleaner envcironment.

Air Supply

1630 cfm engine driven low pressure combustion blower powered by a 55 horsepower diesel engine.


The scarifier are a doulble row design with Grade 8 hardened tipped teeth in both the cutting and mixing rows.  The teeth are spring mounted to allow them to travel over average obstacles (manholes, water stops, catch basins, etc.) and hydraulically controlled to raise over large obstacles.  The teeth are designed to loosen the asphalt without viscous shearing and will not move or loosen asphalt that is not properly heated.

Spray Unit

The rejuvenator is stored in an 1800 gallon tank which has enough capacity to hold the proper amount of rejuvenator for 1 full 10-hour working day using 1/10 gallon per square yard.  The tank fits between the frame of the trailer. All pumps, hoses, filters and fittings are designed for proper operating efficiency.  The rejuvenating agent is applied in droplets by spinners that are positioned between the cutting and mixing scarifiers allowing for total mixing with the scarified material. The flow and pressure is measured and monitored continously by computer control for precise rejuvenator application. The rejuvenator application is supplied by electric motors driving liquid pumps of sufficient size and design. The electrical power is produced by a 9000 watt generator with reserve for night lights, which is powered by the same engine that powers the air blower.

Distribution Unit

A split reversible auger allows for movement of the scarified material in either direction as necessary in front of the asphalt screed.


The LPG heated vibratory screed which regulates the grade and slope manually. It adjusts hydraulically in widths to match the heating panels and scarifiers.


A dual hydraulic system produces efficient controls of all functions.  The primary system used is a 12 gpm pump at 1500 psi for all hydraulic functions except augers.  Electric solenoid valves give push button, multi-station control and flow through design with a 50 gallon reservoir and oli coolers. The augers are powered by a 20 gpm pump at 2500 psi.  A second 50 gallon tank and oil cooler reduces heat build up.  Electric solenoid valves give push button control and adjustable priority flow controls that allow varying speeds.  All hydraulics are both suction and return filtered.


LPG equipment consists of: LPG tank with a capacity of 1000 gallons, which carried enough fuel to operate the unit for 10 full hours under normal conditions. 40/80 vaporizer, including all necessary piping, valves, regulators, and guages to operate in accordance to standard practices in the industry for such equipment.

Travel Operating
Length 57' 57'
Width 8'6" 8'6" to 13'
Height 11' 11'


The equipment is designed with a capacity to operate for 10 hours under normal conditions, and that is defined as "a single layer of bituminous concrete that is manufactured under the standard practices of the industry, that does not have a coating of any kind, must have a penetration of approximately 20, clean of all loose and foreign material, temperatures of at least 60 degrees F, maximum wind of 15 mph and no precipitation". Under these conditions the Road Master M-7's, or 1 Heat Master M-7 and 1 Heat Master M-16, or Recycle to the Asphalt Road Recycler Associations specifications of 3/4" to 1" or 9 ib/per sq. ft. at a rate of 20 fpm accompanied by two (2) Heat Master M-7's or 1 Heat Master M-16.


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All sales of the Road Master must include a factory representative, at an additional charge, to be sent to the job to familiarize the crew/s with the operation and maintenance of said unit.

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