Road Master M-6

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Road Master M-10 Hot In-Place Asphalt Surface Recycler is designed and engineered to recycle the asphalt surface by radiant heating, scarifying, adding the rejuvenator agent, mixing, redistributing and leveling the recycled aspahlt.

Power Plant

Powered by a six cycliner 70 HP LPG fueled engine.  Transmission is fully hydrostatic drive, allowing a variety of working speeds from 5 fpm to 25 mph.


All electric arc welded heavy duty channel iron frame rails and heavy duty cross rails.  The unit is structured and designed to sufficiently hold rejuvenating tank, propane tank, scarifiers, augers, screed, luminous wall heating panels, insulated soaking panel, and all other necessary equipment.  All piping, ducting, fittings, and accessories such as gas-air mixtures, solenoid valves, limiting orifice valves, blowers, hydraulic cylinders, fittings, etc. are sized and installed to properly insure the maximum operating efficiency.




Electric pushbutton over hydraulic and lever hydraulic controls for power screed, auger, scarifiers, rejuvenating system and all heating and soaking panels with two control stations.  One station is located in the rear of the unit and the other is located at the operator's station.  There are four emergency stop buttons for instant shut down.  One positioned on each operator's station and the one each side of the unit.

Heating Panels

Three Thermal Power 100% Radiant Luminous Walls in the following sizes: 4' x 13', 2' x 13', 2' x 13'.   These heating panels can be turned on in intervals from 2.5, 3', 5', 8' and 13' widths. The walls are spaced for maximum efficiency.  The combined walls produce 7,500,000 BTU at 80% capacity.  Thermal Power™ "Luminous Wall" panels produce evenly a maximum of 120,000 BTU per square foot of completely controllable, high intensity radiant heat energy and are instant "ON" - instant "OFF" for rapid heat up and cool down.  The panels are forced air pre-mixed design for maximum penetration of the surface with the most efficiency making it the only trueradiant on the market.  There is no danger of flame impinging the asphalt surfaces, surrounding objects or environment.

Air Supply

1,350 cfm engine driven low pressure combustion blower powered by a main engine.


The scarifier will be a doulble row design with Grade 5 hardened tipped teeth in both the cutting and mixing rows.  The teeth will be spring mounted to allow them to travel over average obstacles (manholes, water stops, catch basins, etc.) and hydraulically controlled to raise over large obstacles.  The teeth are designed to loosen the asphalt without viscous shearing and will not move or loosen asphalt that is not properly heated.

Rejuvenator Applicators

The rejuvenator is stored in an 600 gallon tank between the frame of the trailer.  All pumps, hoses, filters and fittings are designed for maximum operating efficiency.  The rejuvenating agent is applied via spinning tip applicators, computer controlled, with speed/output monitored by a positive fixed drive system accurate to 0.001 gallon per square yard.  Rejuvenator is applied between the cutting teeth and the mixing teeth to insure proper distribution throughout the scarified asphalt.

Distribution Unit

A split reversible auger allows for movement of the scarified material in either direction as necessary in front of the asphalt screed.


The entire heated, vibratory screed hydraulically extends from 8' to 12' widths and regulates the grade and slope of the freshly scarified asphalt.


Dual hydraulic system produces efficient controls of all functions.  The primary system used is a 20 gpm pump at 1500 psi for all hydraulic functions except augers.  The secondary system is 5 gallons per minute at 1500 rpm.  Its design is a flow-through system with an 89 gallon reservoir and oil cooler sized to reduce heat build up for long life operation.  All hydraulics are both suction and return filtered.


Independent front and rear steering.  Electrically over hydraulically operated.


Under normal conditions (defined as Bituminous Concrete that does not have a coating of any kind, must have a penetration of approximately 20, clean of all loose and foreign material, temperatures of at least 60 deg F, maximum wind of 15 mph and no precipitation), the Road Master M-10 will hot surface recycle penetrating to the ARRA Specifications of 9 pounds per square foot at a rate of 17 feet per minute couples with a preheater in variale widths.


All heating and other recycling components hydraulically fold up to legal width of 8'6" for transport.

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