Option Specifications of PM 200-36-TLR

Convertible Wall
A.  The Luminous Wall heating panel is designed to convert from the 6' square to 3' x 12' in five  minutes.

B.  The additional strobe light is supplied on the unit to place on the outside panel when it is in the 6¡¯ x 12¡¯   configuration.

Remote Drive Controls

Electric over hydraulic power moving trailer, forward/reverse, 0 to 1 mph, steering 90 deg and climbing a 5% grade.


Commercial 20 gph.

Roller Lift 

A front roller lift hydraulically operated, mounted on the front of the trailer, made of electrically arc welded structural steel, designed to handle a single drum roller with a maximum operating weight of 600 pounds.The hydraulic controls are located close to the roller lift for easy and safe operation.

Spoil Bin

A hydraulic spoil bin of 3/8 cubic yard capacity is mounted on the right side.The electric push-button over hydraulic control for this is mounted in a position close enough to the bin of safe operation.

Material Tanks

A.Water tank is 8 gallon capacity, gravity feed, ball valve and 4' of hose.

B.Rejuvenating tank is 30 gallon capacity with a self-priming hydraulically driven pump 10 gpm at 100 psi, hose running to the back of the Luminous Wall heating panel, quick couplers to attach additional 25' of hose with spraying wand (includes 18 gallon capacity solvent tank and accessories for back wash).

Rejuvenator Hose & Reel

Spring loaded retractable hose reel with 50' of hose and a spray wand.

Drinking Water Container, Rack and Cup Holder

Five gallon water cooler with galvanized steel exterior, stainless steel liner, electrically arc welded rack, and paper cup dispenser.

Tool Box

A steel tool box is mounted over the dog house of the power plant.This box is large enough to hold the necessary asphalt tools and is made with one (1) locking door.

Arrow Board

Dietz #7-88000 Lane Changer or equal.

Two Piece Hydraulic Scarifier Rakes

Two piece sectioned to scarify the pavement that has been heated whether it be one zone or entire width.Each section is independently hydraulically operated by the push-button activating electric over hydraulic controls.The scarifying rakes loosen the heated recycled asphalt pavement when the truck is pulled forward, reducing hand raking by 90%.

CNG Fuel Conversion

The Patch Master is designed to operated on CNG which is stored in cylinders specifically designed for such and will hold approximately 4,000 cu. ft.

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