Patch Master

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Patch Master is the world's only completely self contained Hot-In-Place Asphalt Recycler/maintainer. 

Patch Master's patented "Luminous Wall" provides a 100% efficient source of Radiant Heat Energy. 

Patch Master's Hopper is capable of recycling of cold asphalt as well as maintaining of hot asphalt. 

Patch Master permits the pavement manager to utilize the most economical method for maintaining asphalt surfaces as well as paving them. 

Patch Mastercuts the cost of permanent asphalt repairs/maintenance as much as 50%.

Patch Master allows you to stretch the life of your roads by properly maintaining them.

Advantages & Benefits

Models:  PM400-48-TRK, PM200-36-TRK, PM200-36-TLR


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Patch Master 400-48-TRK Truck Version

Patch Master 200-36-TLR Trailer Version

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