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Hot-In-Place Recycling is an on-site, in-place method that rehabilitates deteriorated bituminous pavements and thereby minimizes the use of new materials and saves the repair time.

Hot-In-Place Recycling provides a very low cost maintenance strategy that enables the public works officials to effectively re-use existing materials.  It can save money for local governments and other purchasers, create additional business opportunities, save energy, and conserve diminishing resources of aggregates.  According to the US Asphalt Recycling and Reclaiming Association, cost savings can range from 20 to 40% over conventional techniques.  It is claimed that energy savings can be from 40 to 50%.

Hot-In-Place Recycling is a four-step process that is used to fix surface distresses that are not caused by structural inadequacies. The four steps of the process are:

1. Soften the asphalt pavement with heat.
2. Scarify the surface material.
3. Mix the material with any or all of recycling agent, asphalt binder, aggregate, or new mix.
4. Lay down and pave with the recycled material.

Hot-In-Place Recycling offers tremendous cost savings in material, labor, and a reduction in duration of the repair activities. Another great benefit from Hot-In-Place Recycling is that it can turn a traditionally environmentally damaging process into a process having only minimal environmental effects.  Materials savings are realized from the reduction in new asphalt and aggregate.  Energy savings result primarily from reduced aggregate haul and drying, and asphalt transportation.  Cost savings are greatly influenced by length of aggregate haul and distance from the plant to the job site.

Many companies in the past have had considerable problems with open flame type and infra-red heating systems, i.e. asphalt surface overheated and/or set on fire, excessive smoke and poor heat control.The only way to eliminate the preceding problems is to use a heating chamber that is 100% radiant and has the capability to spread the heat under the chamber so that every square foot produces the same amount of energy BTU?EUR™s. 

Our patented "Luminous Wall" provides a 100% efficient source of Radiant Heat Energy, not to be confused with the less efficient infrared system.  The Luminous Wall is adjustable from 20,000 to 60,000 BTU per square foot, many times more than infrared systems and can deliver up to 1600 deg F in just one minute to maximum asphalt penetration while at the same time using less fuel per square foot of repair.  The total output of the 4 zone 6'x6' Luminous Wall is over 2,000,000 BTU while our 6'x8' panel produces close to 3,000,000 BTU.  Our instant "on-off"  feature means the Luminous Wall is on only for the few minuets to prepare the asphalt for recycling.  It is "off" during the remaining 90% of the time required for the permanent repair.

An extensive research report was made by the University of Michigan on the Thermal Power Luminous Wall Heating Panel. This research report is a result of a study to determine the heating mechanism of the Thermal Power Luminous Wall. It was found that the rapid heating and cooling cycle obtained with this system results from the immediate proximity of the gas flame to the refractory lining, the high emissivity of the lining and low thermal conductivity of the lining.

Major technical advantages of the Luminous Wall Heating System:
100% efficient; making it the most economical heating system. 
100% direct radiant heat eliminating heat loss that other heaters cause because they depend on reflection or heating an object that in turn heats the pavement.  The longer the reflective/object type heaters run, the more inefficient they become, due to the soot build-up that prohibits the reflection of the heat.  This is not a problem for the Luminous Wall Heating System because the air pushes through the heated radiant surfaces keeping it clean at all times.
Instant on/off in one minute you have up to 100,000 BTUs per sq ft of up to 2,000 degrees F and in one minute it can be cool to the touch. 
Because the Luminous Wall gets its air to mix with the gas from a power blower away from the surface being heated, it does not lose it's efficiency like other heaters which rely on the oxygen in the air coming off the heated pavement. 
The blower delivers the correct amount of air for a 100% efficient Burn.  The air also goes through the pores in the insulated fire brick, keeping it cool so that all the heat stays on the surface of the brick to efficiently radiate the asphalt pavement. 
The heated air circulates over the pavement's surface, dissipating any surface or trapped moisture, eliminating what is known in the industry as "super heated steam".  The ability to dissipate moisture has been a major problem with Infra red heating systems. 
Each sq. ft of the heating surface is the same temperature.  All other heaters produce uneven, surface heat.  As an example; flat flame type burners are hottest, generally close to the centre of the burner cone.  As the flame extends past the outside edge of the burner cone, it gets cooler, resulting in an uneven heat.  If  this is multiplied times the 48 or more burners it takes to make one heating panel, this makes for a very uneven heating surface. 
Very simple to repair if brick surface is damaged. 
Easy to build in many size zones.
Can easily fold up to legal width for transportation. 
By the turn of a screw on the gas limiting orifice valves, the BTU output can bechanged to be compatible with the asphalt pavement surface being heated. 
The emissions of the Luminous Wall System is virtually opacity free when measured from any point around the heating panels.  It would pass with flying colors any opacity test in the world.  Emissions become a concern when the heating panels are heating the asphalt surface.  This is where the operator makes the necessary adjustments to maintain a clean operation. 
When comparing BTU input into the pavement, the Luminous Wall System has the capabilities to perform cleaner than any other heating system. 
These advantages will ensure more production for less cost than any other heating system on the market.

Hot-In-Place Recycling for the entire width of one lane is successfully done by Road Master.

Hot-In-Place Recycling for the Pot Holes, Rutting, Shoving, utility cuts, and cracks is done by Patch Master.

The Pre-Heater is extremely critical in the correct pre-heating of the asphalt pavement to the correct depth and width, while maintaining  a high degree of heating efficiency.   Our Heat Master is designed and engineered to perform work successfully.


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