Sample Bid - Bid Per Hour

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“Your Municipality”




“Tendering Authority”

1. Delivery and Opening of Tenders

Tenders, sealed in the envelopes provided which shall be clearly marked with the project or contract title
(including the name of the municipality or area) and the Tender No., if any, will be received by the
“Your Municipality”, until 12:00 Noon, Local Time on the advertised closing date for receipt of tenders. The use of the mails for delivery of a tender will be at the risk of the tenderer.

On the closing day, commencing at 1:00 p.m. Local Time, the envelopes will be opened and the tenders
will be read and recorded publicly by the Municipality's Tender Committee at the above mentioned
address. Tenders will then be checked and analyzed.

2. Disqualification of Tenders

Under no circumstances will tenders be considered which:

1. are received after 12:00 Noon, Local Time on the advertised closing date for tenders.
2. are not accompanied by a bid deposit in the form of a certified cheque, bid bond, money
order or bank draft in the amount specified

3. Withdrawal or Qualifying of Tenders

A tenderer who has already submitted a tender may submit a further tender at any time up to the official
closing time. The last tender received shall supersede and invalidate all tenders previously submitted
by that tenderer for this contract.

A tenderer may withdraw or qualify his tender at any time up to the official closing time by submitting a
letter bearing his signature and seal as in his tender to the Municipality. Such a submission must be received in sufficient time to be marked before 12:00 p.m. on the date for closing of tenders. The tenderer shall show his name and the project and tender numbers on the envelope containing such letter. No telegrams or telephone calls will be considered.

4. Informal or Unbalanced Tenders

All entries in the Form of Tender shall be made in ink or by typewriter. Entries or changes made in
pencil shall, unless otherwise decided by the Municipality, be invalid or informal. Tenders which are
incomplete, conditional, illegible or obscure, or that contain additions not called for, reservations,
erasures, alterations (unless properly and clearly made and initialed by the tenderer's signing officer)
or irregularities of any kind, may be rejected as informal.

Tenders that contain prices, which appear to be so unbalanced as likely to affect adversely the interests
of the Municipality, may be rejected. Wherever in a tender the amount tendered for an item does not
agree with the extension of the estimated quantity and the tendered unit price, the unit price shall govern
and the amount and the Total Tender Price shall be corrected accordingly, unless otherwise decided by
the Municipality.

If a tenderer has omitted to enter a price for an item of work set out in the Form of Tender, he shall,
unless he has specifically stated otherwise in his tender, be deemed to have allowed elsewhere in the
Form of Tender for the cost of carrying out the said item of work and, unless otherwise agreed to by the
Municipality, no increase shall be made in the total Tender Price on account of such omission.

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The Municipality reserves the right to waive formalities at its discretion.

Tenderers who have submitted tenders that have been rejected by the Municipality because of
informalities will normally be notified of the reasons for the rejection within 10 days after the closing date
for tenders.

5. Tender

Each tender shall include a completed Form of Tender as bound herein, together with any further forms
or sheets which the tenderer is instructed elsewhere herein, or in any addendum hereto, to submit with
his tender. The tenderer may retain the rest of the tender documents issued to him.

Personal information contained in this tender is collected under the authority of The Municipal Act, R.S.O.
1980, c.302, as amended and any by-laws passed pursuant to it. Questions about this collection should
be directed to the Contract Administrator.

The tenderer shall give the total tender price and shall fill in all blank spaces for unit prices, item prices,
lump sums, time for completion and other information in the Form of Tender. The tender must be
enclosed in the tender envelope provided-.

6. Tender Deposit


$ 20,000 or less ………. $ 500.00
20,001 to 50,000 ………. 1,000.00
50,001 to 100,000 ………. 2,000.00
100,001 to 250,000 ………. 9,000.00

Each tender shall include a tender deposit in the form of an ORIGINAL certified cheque, bid bond, bank
ORIGINAL DOCUMENTS ARE NOT ACCEPTABLE, payable to “ Your Municipality” in the amount
stated above. The tender deposits of all tenderers except two will be returned within ten days after the date of opening tenders. The tender deposits of the two tenderers will be retained until a tender has been accepted, and the other documents required herein have been furnished to the satisfaction of the Solicitor and the Contract Administrator for the Owner save that if a tenderer has not been notified that his tender has been recommended to the Owner for acceptance within 30 days after the date of opening tenders his tender deposit will be retured on demand and if a tender has not been accepted within 60 days after the date of opening tenders any remaining tender deposits will be returned. After the execution of the Contract the tender deposit of the successful tenderer will be returned. If either of the above-mentioned two tenderers has not been notified within 30 days after the date of opening tenders that his tender has been recommended to the Owner for acceptance, he may apply to the Owner for the return of his tender deposit. Unless otherwise determined by the Owner, the tender deposit of one of the said two tenders (normally the one who submitted the second lowest tender) will be returned when so applied for. The tender deposit of the other tenderer will be retained or returned by the corporation as provided for elsewhere in this Section.

The Owner may, in its discretion:
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(a) cash a tender deposit cheque and deposit the proceeds to its account, without prejudice to the
ultimate disposition of such tender deposit as provided for herein


(b) return a tender deposit to a tenderer at an earlier time than provided for herein


(c) return a tender deposit to a tenderer on receipt from the said tenderer of an alternative security acceptable to the Owner in lieu of the said tender deposit.

and no such action shall prejudice the validity of the tender to which such tender deposit relates.

Except as otherwise herein provided the tenderer guarantees that if his tender is withdrawn before the
Owner shall have considered the tenders or before or after he has been notified that his tender has been
recommended to the Owner for acceptance or that if the Owner does not for any reason receive within
the period of ten calendar days as stipulated and as required herein, documents required herein, the
Owner may retain the tender deposit for the use of the Owner and may accept any tender, advertise for
new tenders, negotiate a contract or not accept any tender as the Owner may deem advisable.

7. Omissions, Discrepancies and Interpretations

Should a tenderer find omissions from or discrepancies in any of the tender documents or should he be
in doubt as to the meaning of any part of such documents, he should notify the Municipality, preferably
in writing and not later than eight days before the closing date for tenders. If the Municipality considers
that a correction, explanation or interpretation is necessary or desirable, he will issue an addendum to
all who have taken out tender documents.

The Contractor also declares that in tendering for the work and in entering into the contract he did not
and does not rely upon information furnished by the Municipality or any of its servants or agents
respecting the nature or conformation of the ground at the site of the work, or the location, character,
quality or quantity of the materials to be removed, or to be employed in the construction of the work, or
the character of the equipment or facilities needed to perform the work, or the general and local
conditions and all other matters which could in any way affect the performance of the work under the
contract other than information furnished in writing for or in connection with the tender or the contract
by the Municipality, except information specifically excluded from this sub-section.

8. Quantities are Estimated

The quantities shown for unit price items in the Form of Tender are estimates only and are for the sole
purpose of establishing a dollar amount based on the unit price. For any work done or materials
supplied on a unit price basis, the Contractor will be paid for the actual measured quantities at the
respective unit prices tendered.

9. Right to Accept or Reject Tenders

The Municipality shall not be responsible for any liabilities costs, expenses, loss or damages incurred,
sustained or suffered by any tenderer prior or subsequent to or by reason of the acceptance or the non-
acceptance by the Municipality of any tender or by reason of any delay in the acceptance of a tender
save as provided in the Contract. Tenders are subject to a formal contract being prepared and executed.
The Municipality reserves the right to reject any or all tenders and to waive formalities as the interests
of the Municipality may require without stating reasons therefore and the lowest or any tender will not
necessarily be accepted.
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10. Workers’ Compensation Board

The Contractor shall at the time of entering into any contract with the Municipality, furnish a satisfactory
clearance letter from the Workers Compensation Board stating that all assessments or compensation
payable to the Workers' Compensation Board have been paid and the Municipality may at any time
during the performance or upon completion of the contract require further proof that such assessments
have been paid.

The selected tenderer shall submit such statutory declaration or clearance letter to the Municipality in
duplicate together with the Agreement executed by the said tenderer. One copy of the statutory
declaration or clearance letter shall be bound into each of the two executed sets of the Contract.

11. Occupational Health and safety

For the purposes of the Occupational Health and Safety Act, the successful tenderer is considered to
be the "Constructor" as defined in the Act.

It is specifically drawn to the attention of the tenderer that the Occupational Health and Safety Act
provides in addition to other things that,

"A Constructor shall ensure, on a project undertaken by the constructor that,

(a) The measures and procedures prescribed by this Act and the
regulations are carried out on the project

(b) every employer and every worker performing work on the project
complies with this Act and the regulations; and

(c) the health and safety of workers on the project is protected."

12. Provincial Sales Tax (P.S.T.) and Federal Goods and Services Tax (G.S.T.)

Tender unit prices shall not be marked up by the Tenderer to include P.S.T. or G.S.T. This tax will be
shown on the appropriate lines of the Schedule of Unit Prices. Payment certificates will reflect the
appropriate value of taxes calculated on the value of work completed.

The Tenderer shall include with the executed tender documents, at the time of Tendering, on Company.
letterhead, notification to the Municipality of their G.S. T. Registration Number.

13. Inquiries During Tendering

Tenderers are advised that inquiries regarding the interpretation of the plans or specifications, shall be
directed “your contact”

14. Anticipated Start Date

The anticipated start date for this contract is “Start Date”, and the successful bidder will be notified upon
receipt of appropriate documentation exactly when he will be able to occupy the site-.

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PROJECT DESCRIPTION: Hot I n-Place Asphalt Pavement Repairs


OWNER: “Your Municipality


Contractor’s Name

Contractor's Address

Telephone Number Facsimile Number

Authorized Signature

Position of Signer


“Your Tendering Office”
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I/We ,
(hereinafter called the Supplier), do hereby submit the following bid or bids on the equipment as required by “Your Municipality”, (hereinafter called the Municipality), and described on Page 1 of this Equipment Rental Tender and Agreement. I/We offer to rent the equipment that I have listed on Page 4, Schedule of the Equipment Tender and Agreement at my bid price to the Municipality.

All bid equipment is subject to verification by the Municipality that the equipment meets or exceeds the minimum requirements of equipment described on Page 1 of this Equipment Rental Tender and Agreement.

Item No. No. of Items Description of Items Estimated
Hours Contractor’s Bid Per
Hours Date

Labour, materials and equipment to perform hot in-place asphalt repairs


“Your Date”

Provincial Sales Tax

Federal Goods & Service Tax $


Total Tender Price

The estimated hours shown are anticipated hours only and are subject to variation at the discretion of
the Municipality without liability whatsoever to the Supplier for any variation.

I/We , do hereby certify that the above equipment as bid is in the condition as specified in detail in the Schedule attached hereto.

In the event my/our bid is accepted by the Municipality, this Tender shall constitute a binding agreement
as set out in the General Conditions and Supplementary Specifications of this Contract.

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Description of Unit Specifications of Unit Aux. And/ Condition Present
(Make, Model, Year) (Size, Capacity, or Special Location
H.P. Rating, etc.)

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I understand that this Agreement terminates in the event that I fail to perform the work to the satisfaction
of the Municipality, and that under such circumstances the Municipality reserves the right to declare me
ineligible to bid on any Municipality work for a 12 month period.

The lowest or any bid will not necessarily be accepted.

Tender Forms must be in the District office by 12:00 Noon, Local Time, on

Dated at this day of , “Year”

Signature of Supplier

Print Name


Telephone Number
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1. The Supplier shall discharge all liabilities incurred by him for labour, materials and services used
or reasonably required for use in the performance of this Agreement on the date upon which
each becomes due and all liabilities incidental thereto.

2. The Supplier understands and agrees that he is not, nor is anyone hired by him, covered by the
Municipality under The Worker's Compensation Act, and he shall be responsible for and shall
pay all dues and assessments payable under The Worker's Compensation Act, The
Unemployment Insurance Act or any other Act, whether Provincial or Federal, in respect of
himself, his employees and operations, and shall, upon, request, furnish the Municipality with
satisfactory evidence that he has complied with the provisions of any such Act. If he fails to do
so, the Municipality shall save the right to withhold payment of such sum or sums of money due
to me that would be sufficient to cover my default and the Municipality shall have the right to pay

3. The Supplier covenants and agrees with the Municipality to indemnify it and save it harmless
from all claims by third parties arising out of the performance of this Agreement.

4. The Supplier will carry liability insurance in the amount not less than $3,000,000.00 to cover any
possible claims by third parties due to this operation. A certificate of this policy, naming the
Municipality as an additional insured, shall be presented to the Municipality subsequent to
acceptance. The above-noted insurance will be continued in force for the duration of this
Contract. ,

5. If the Municipality is called upon to pay any such liability of the Supplier set out in paragraphs
1 and 2 and 3 above, then the Municipality can deduct the amount so paid from any monies due
or that may become due to the Supplier. If there are insufficient monies due or to become due
to the Supplier to permit such deduction, the Supplier shall pay the Municipality upon demand
an amount sufficient to make up the deficiency.

6. The rate, as bid by the Supplier, includes the cost of moving all equipment and personnel to and
from the limits of the work projects.

7. The Supplier declares that he has or will pay forthwith all Provincial and Federal Taxes that
apply to the said equipment.

8. The Supplier by this Tender, hereby makes this irrevocable offer irrevocable for 30 days, and
the acceptance of it by the Municipality constitutes a binding agreement to the extent of the
equipment as accepted by the Municipality.

9. Notice of acceptance shall be made by prepaid postage to the Supplier at the furnished address.

10. Prior to the commencement of work the Contractor shall provide, to the Contract Administrator,
a list of those products controlled under WHMIS which he expects to use on the contract.
Related Material Safety Data Sheets shall accompany the submission. All containers used in
the application of products controlled under WHMIS shall be labelled.

The Contractor shall notify the Contract Administrator of changes to the list in writing and provide
relevant Material Safety Data Sheets.




The Contractor shall for the tendered prices supply ALL labour, equipment and materials required (except
for hot-mix HL-3 asphalt material) to perform the hot in-place asphalt repairs to existing asphalt
pavements, including the placing of the HL-3 mix; the supply and placing of rejuvenating agent; the
supply and placing of the hot-poured asphalt cement sealant and cover materials as directed, around
the perimeter of the repair area; all traffic control, signs, flagpersons, etc., that may be required to
perform the work in a safe and orderly fashion with minimal disruption to the normal flow of local
vehicular and pedestrian traffic.

The asphalt pavement repairs shall include but not be limited to, pothole sinkages, wearouts, utility cuts,
drainage problems, wheel ruts, and damaged areas around utility castings, etc.

The Three (3) man crew is expected to repair any asphalt roadway pavements on various District
and Municipal roads. The crew shall consist of the following:

1 Foreman
2 Rakers/Flagpersons

The Owner does not guarantee a minimum or maximum quantity for any specific site.

The Owner may need the use of a second crew and equipment unit depending on conditions or
breakdowns and shall be made available upon request and the rates shall be the same as stated in the


The equipment shall be a truck-mounted Patch Master - PM 400-48 or an approved equivalent,
including a Bomag Double-Drum Compaction Roller, Model 65S or approved equivalent. The unit shall
be fully mobile, self-propelled and self-contained with rear remote control travel capabilities.

The equipment shall include a heating panel that provides a no-flame, radiant heat uniformly distributed
over its entire surface at a MINIMUM rate of 60,000 B.T.U.'s per square foot. (60,000 B.T.U.'s per
square foot translates to an available 2,880,000 B.T.U.'s/hour over the entire 48 sq. ft. heating panel.)
Propane gas shall be the only combustible used within ten feet (10') of the heating panel.

The heating panel shall be controlled by an automatic timer consisting of a main cycle, adjustable for
both "on" and "off' periods, and a repeat cycling action. the main cycle shall automatically start the
repeat cycles at the end of its maximum adjusted time span. The repeat cycle shall be able to activate
itself. All of these adjustments shall be easily made without any tools required. Complete manual
override and general manual operation shall be incorporated in the system.

The heated area of the panel shall be:

1. 2.40 metres (8'- 0") x 1.82 metres (6'- 0") minimum area;

2. divided into four (4) quadrants sized between _ and _ of the panel dimensions on each
respective side;
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3. with each quadrant operable independently of the others and in all possible combinations with
each other.

The heat panel shall have instant "kill" switches located on each side of the unit that can be activated
by a rapid strike of a button.

All other controls of panel activity other than the "kill" switches shall be at one location and include
another instant "kill" switch at that location.

All electrical and fuel devices shall comply with all applicable provincial, federal, and local regulations
at all times.

The equipment shall include an automated asphalt delivery system from a thermostatically controlled
heated storage compartment with delivery of the hot-mix material by mechanical conveyoring system to
the repair area. The storage compartment will have a minimum capacity of 4.5 tonnes to ensure the
maximum utilization of unit operating time. Water for the compaction roller and bulk storage of the
rejuvenating agent must also be accommodated by the equipment.

The equipment shall have a yellow "360°" flashing beacon which shall be clearly visible from all points
of view to the front and rear of the equipment; four (4) way flashers on each corner of the unit, and a
yellow flashing directional arrow board clearly visible from behind.

Equipment must be in good mechanical and clean condition.

The Municipality reserves the right to inspect, or have inspected, all tendered equipment to determine
suitability for the purpose required and compliance with minimum or higher specifications for equipment
as set out above.

In the event that the equipment is deemed to be in unsatisfactory condition or in the event that the
Contractor has made a mis-statement as to the Specifications of the tendered equipment in the
Schedule, the Municipality has the right to terminate this Contract without any liability whatsoever to the

If, at any time, in the opinion of the Contract Administrator, damage is being done or is likely to be done
to any roadway infrastructure or part thereof by the Contractor's equipment, the Contractor shall, on the
direction of the Contract Administrator and at the Contractor's expense, alter or in some other manner,
eliminate the cause of such damage as well as repair or replace the damage, if applicable, to the
complete satisfaction of the Contract Administrator.


Surface Preparation

All deleterious or foreign materials shall be cleared from the repair area before beginning the repair.

Heating and Scarifying

The heating panel shall be positioned such that the heated surface of the panel extends a minimum of
100 mm beyond the area of repair. The area of repair shall include all cracked areas at the location of
the repair that have cracks less than 200 mm from each other. Only the panel quadrants needed for
heating the repair area shall be used.

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Pavement shall not be heated to temperature which are harmful to the surface asphalt. An appropriate
adjustment of the timer shall be made to eliminate any tendency for such effects. Once adjusted for a
particular street, controls shall remain unchanged unless a change of pavement surface reveals a
changed condition, or it is demonstrated to the Contract Administrator that a modified cycle is

Pavement shall be heated such that the asphalt can be easily scarified without scratching or scraping
of the harder asphalt beneath. Depth of such scarification shall be a MINIMUM OF 40 mm. Scarification
shall be by pure viscous shearing only.

Immediately before scarification, singular cracks greater than 5 mm in width which form blocks of surface
pavement with average dimensions greater than 0.3 metres in one direction and greater than 0.2 metres
in the nominally perpendicular direction shall be ripped open with a single large pointed tooth implement.

Large cracks greater than 6 mm in size before scarification with visible amounts of dirt shall be swept
clean after ripping, and the dirt shall be removed from the site.

Rejuvenating agent shall then be applied to all ripped cracks. Full surface scarification shall follow
immediately thereafter. All cracks with vegetation shall be ripped open and treated in the manner
previously described for 6mm cracks, prior to scarification.

The repair shall be scarified over the entire area to the require depth by viscous shearing without
scratching or scraping the underlying hard asphalt. The outside perimeter shall have straight edges
which are located at least 25 mm inside the perimeter of the heat panel as it was positioned for heating-.

Processing the Repair
After scarification rejuvenating agent shall be uniformly applied at approximately 0.45 litres per square metre
over the scarified surface to achieve a recovered penetration in the asphalt that ranges between
50 to 80 units at rate as directed by the Contract Administrator. Any pieces of asphalt greater than 12
mm in size shall then be removed with a lute after which the entire scarified surface shall be luted smooth.
The rejuvenating agent shall be McAsphalt Industries product "Reiuvenate", or approved equal.

A sufficient quantity of hot-mix HL-3 asphalt material to achieve the desired grade shall be applied to the
repair from the automated delivery system, (MINIMUM 6 MM THICKNESS). Edges shall be carefully
luted to provide a smooth transition to the main repair area. the overall patch shall be luted to a
smooth, flat surface.

The repair shall be rolled, pinched edges first, with the double-drum roller on unprocessed pavement with
150 mm over the edge of the repair. A double-drum vibratory roller shall be used with a minimum weight
of 540 Kg. The site of the repairs shall be left in a clean state.

Hot, liquid asphalt cement shall then be applied to the 75mm wide area around the perimeter of the
repair after rolling. A thin layer of sand shall be applied to this 75mm area. The entire patch shall be
sprayed with rejuvenating agent at approximately 0.22 litres per square metre as a curing agent.

Traffic control pylons shall be adjusted to delineate traffic around the repair and shall be left in place until
the asphalt will not ravel from traffic.


The Contractor is not permitted to work during rain conditions unless approved by the Contract
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Traffic Control

Traffic Control beyond simple cones, signs and/or 1 flagperson will be the responsibility of the Municipality.

Character and Employment of Workmen

The Municipality is not to be deemed the employer of the Contractor or his personnel under any

The Contractor or alternatively other personnel hired by the Contractor, will comply with all the directions
of the Contract Administrator or his assigned designate as to the application or use of the equipment.

The Contractor shall employ only orderly competent, and skilful Workers to ensure that the works are
carried out in a respectable and workmanlike manner.

In the event that any person employed by the Contractor in conjunction with the work arising out of this
Contract gives, in the opinion of the Contract Administrator, just cause for complaint, the Contractor upon
written notification by the Municipality shall not permit such person to continue in any future work arising
out of this Contract.

The Contractor and other personnel hired by the Contractor must Comply with the Construction Safety

Work Schedule

It is anticipated that the work will be performed during any month from June 1st to December 1st.

Work must be performed from 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., Monday to Friday. No work will be performed on.
Saturdays, Sundays or Statutory Holidays.

In the event that the work has to be performed at hours other than specified, approval in writing from the
Contract Administrator must be obtained in advance-

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On-Site Supervisor

The Contractor shall at all times, and at his own expense, employ and retain on site a qualified
supervisor for the proper inspection or examination of the work or any part thereof. This supervisor shall
be construed as the Superintendent for the Contractor and shall be the sole liaison for this Contract.

Additional Hot Mix Asphalt Material

The Owner will make available to the Contractor additional hot mix asphalt material when required, at
no cost to the Contractor.

The Contractor will be required to pick up, transport and apply the additional material at his own expense
as part of this quotation. The applicable weigh tickets for the asphalt material must be submitted to the
Contract Administrator on a daily basis.

The unit price quoted shall be compensation in full for all labour, equipment, material, trucking and
appliances to perform the work in accordance with the specifications.

Disposal of Surplus Material

The Contractor may be required to dispose of surplus material at his own cost.

Additional Inspection

Should constant inspection be required due to poor scheduling, poor workmanship, inefficient
organization, improper equipment, etc. the cost of such inspection will be charged to the Contractor and
such charges deducted from the monies due the Contractor.

Basis of Payment

Payment will be based on the quoted unit price times the approved number of hours worked.

A record of hours worked will be recorded on the Municipalities "Hired Equipment Time Sheets" and
signed by both the Contract Administrator and the Contractor's representative on a bi-weekly basis.
Payment will be based on Hired Equipment Time Sheets only.

Payment shall be determined on the basis of actual operating time on the work project in accordance
with the Contract rate as bid. No allowance shall be made for standby time, relocation of equipment
between designated work locations, or moving of equipment to and from overnight or weekend storage

All rates as paid for rented equipment shall include any wages meals, and living quarters costs for the
Contractor, his personnel, and if necessary, all other necessary personnel; fuel and lubricants;
replacements; repairs; overhaul equipment and servicing vehicles; depreciation costs; interest, and other
costs relating to the operations and maintenance of the equipment.

The quoted hourly rate will be full compensation for all labour, equipment and material, if applicable, to
complete the work as specified.


Payment shall be made by "Progress Payment Certificate" for the value of the work performed and will
be calculated ONCE A MONTH by the Contract Administrator in accordance with the Contract
Documents and signed Hired Equipment Time Sheets.
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