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The following pages are copies of the State of Florida Law that requires utility companies or anyone else that digs a hole in a road to “restore the road to its original condition”.

Now for the first time ever, Pavement Savers, Incorporated’s exclusive Thermal Power Method puts the street back to its original condition. The pavement manager’s obligation is to enforce this law to protect him or her and the government agency they work for from becoming liable. For example, New York City has $500,000,000 per year in lawsuits stemming from bad roads and sidewalks. The Thermal Power method also eliminates the decrease in the life of the streets by as much as 50%, which is happening world wide, with today’s outdated conventional method.

Please also find attached a flyer showing the Pavement Savers, Inc. exclusive Thermal Power Method, which includes a 3 year warranty. We would be happy to provide any additional information you will need, such as, assistance in setting up the Thermal Power specifications, or an approved Pavement Savers contractor in your area, or how to obtain the proper equipment to utilize the Thermal Power Method with your own work force.


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SECTION 337.402

Section 337.402 Damage to public road caused by utility.--When any public road or publicly owned rail corridor is damaged or impaired in any way because of the installation, inspection, or repair of a utility located on such road or publicly owned rail corridor, the owner of the utility shall, at his or her own expense, restore the road or publicly owned rail corridor to its original condition before such damage. If the owner fails to make such restoration, the authority is authorized to do so and charge the cost thereof against the owner under the provisions of s. 337.404.
History.--s. 128, ch. 29965, 1955; s. 142, ch. 84-309; s. 27, ch. 94-237; s. 969, ch. 95-148.
Note.--Former s. 338.18.

This Florida law is typical of most states. This rule was virtually impossible to enforce because until the Pavement Savers, Inc. Exclusive Thermal Power Method of repairing an opening in and below the section of pavement, there was no procedure to restore roads back to their original conditions.