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Hot In-Place Recycling and other Hot Surface Treatments,
Brick Street Restoration, De-Icing & Defogging,
Thermal Bond Repairs,
The Thermal Power Exclusive Pavement Excavation Restoration.

The Single Pass Method

This statement, taken from the United States Department of Transportation, Federal Highways Administration, National Highway Institute Techniques for Pavement Rehabilitation Training Course, states as follows:

"It is a commonly accepted rule of thumb that a one inch overlay over one inch of recycled material out performs 2 1/2" overly."

The Multi-Pass Method
With this method, the street is hot surface recycled one day and the new asphalt or othersurfaces, such as slurries, micro surfacing, chip sealing, etc, are placed at a later date.

Pavement Surfaces with Serious Block Cracking

Recycling 1986
19 Years Later, 2005

Hot Surface Treatments

Use one of our SIX Hot Surface Treatments and prevent the cost of a new Asphalt Overlay.
(Example of One) Remove wheel rooting by (a) Cold milling (b) Then iron out the milled surface by Heating and Rolling

cold milled heated and rolled

Back to the Future
Brick Street Restoration
Increases Property Value

Surface De-Icing - De-fogging
Eliminate Toxic Anti Freezes

Thermal Bond Asphalt Repairs
The Only Permanent Homogenious Asphalt
Repair Any Where, In Any Season

Pavement Repairs in Any Season

The Exclusive Thermal Power Corp.
Pavement Excavation Restoration Rated #1
The Only Way To Put The Street Back To Original Like
The Law Requires

Any Where In Any Season

The Exclusive Thermal Power Corp.
Method of Eliminating Thermal Cracks in Full Depth Asphalt
Ideal For Airport Runways and Taxiways