Bituminous Concrete removal is to be performed only by a contractor who has demonstrable experience in the removal of the bituminous concrete from a brick substrate. The method to be used shall consist of the use of machinery that has three 100% Radiant Heating panels, (no open flame heaters are allowed). These heaters shall provide 40,000 to 100,000 BTU’s instant “ON – OFF” for each square foot of heating panel, the combined power shall total a minimum of 15,000,000 BTU’s, allowing the machine to move in a productive constant forward motion while heating a minimum of 12’ width, while softening up the bituminous concrete surface. Any attached scarifiers to loosen the bituminous concrete shall be made of mild metal. No carbide type scarifiers are to be used at any time in this operation. The softened bituminous concrete shall be removed by a motor grader or front-end loader without damage to the brick substrate. Once the bituminous concrete is removed to the top surface of the higher parts of the brick substrate, the use of the grader and loader shall cease, and an alternate process shall be implemented by using the same type of heating system, but with an attachment of spring loaded, independently adjustable mild metal scrapers to remove bituminous concrete from between high spots, followed by laborers with hand scrapers until all bituminous concrete has been removed from the entire brick substrate surface. The final operation shall consist of heating, immediately followed by a powered broom of special design to withstand the heated brick and to clean the brick substrate to a polished, glazed surface. Finally, debris is swept clean from the roadway, curbs, driveways and sidewalks and corrective measures are made to bituminous concrete street edges that abut the street where the asphalt was removed by tapering such ends of these streets in a manner consistent with standard practices of the Industry.