Brick Street Restoration


Livingston Street Restoration Project Job # 4141


Throughout the years brick streets were covered with asphalt, now the trend is to restore these streets and by doing so it has brought back the beauty of the brick streets in addition to enhancing property values. Pavement Savers Inc., with the cooperation of the City of Orlando, has produced the technique and equipment to be able to accomplish this task.

The main piece of equipment that has allowed a successful restoration program is the “Road Master” which produces over 12 million BTU’s of 100% radiant heat energy to melt the asphalt and it does it without damaging any vegetation adjacent to or above the road. The picture below shows one of the three heating panels that are under the “Road Master”.

The “Road Master” slowly travels over the road, covering one traffic lane in width, melting the asphalt surface. Then the “Road Master’s” special teeth, that will not damage the brick surface below, loosen the heated asphalt to allow it to be scraped off with a road grader. Most roads require a number of repeated passes depending on the thickness of the asphalt.

The final passes are made using a smaller heating machine, called the “Heat Master”, Utilizing only one heating panel, which produces 7 million BTU’s of heat energy. Immediately following is a special broom, which will withstand this heat, accompanied by laborers with hand scrapers to remove the asphalt off the bricks that are uneven. Pictured below left and center show the street after the last pass by the “Road Master”, the right shows the street after the heating, brooming and hand scraping.

After the asphalt has been removed sections of the brick street that have been disturbed by nature such as tree roots (pictured above) or by man indicated by the concrete filled utility cuts (pictured below) will be replaced by brick.


These pictures show the finished product after a few months in the sun which will oxidize the asphalt residue.

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Advantages of a Brick Streets:

1. The brick streets compliment many of the homes in these areas that were built in a historical era.
2. Restoration brings the elevation of the road back to its original design allowing the water to drain off the driveway approaches and the like.
3. A good portion of the rainwater goes back between the brick and does not go to the storm sewer to be processed.
4. The brick street does not have to be resurfaced every fifteen years like an asphalt street, saving tax payers money.
5. No speed bumps on every block as required in most residential areas with asphalt streets.
6. The brick streets slow down traffic.
7. Brick streets detour short-cutting traffic.
8. The value of homes on these streets will increase as much as 25%.
9. Vacant property values increases as much as 200%.
10. The public looks at the area as a historical area, even in areas that are considered to be run-down or decayed.
11. A brick street will stay cooler in the hot summer months.

Links to specifications and other info:

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